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5 Bromoindole

Price : INR 690.00 / Kilogram

Product Name: 5-Bromoindole Synonyms: RARECHEM AH BS 0082;5-BROMOINDOLE;5-BI;5-BROMO-1H-INDOLE;5-Bromindole;5-bromonindole;5-Bromide indole;Bromoindole-99% CAS: 10075-50-0 MF: C8H6BrN MW: 196.04 EINECS: 233-208-7 Product Categories: blocks;Bromides;IndolesOxindoles;Indole/indoline/oxindole;Indoles and derivatives;IndoleDerivative;Halides;Pyrroles & Indoles;Indole;Indoles;Organohalides;Simple Indoles;Pyrroles & Indoles;Halogenated Heterocycles;Heterocyclic Building Blocks;IndolesBuilding Blocks;Pharmaceutical Intermediates;Indole Derivatives;Heterocycle-Indole series Mol File: 10075-50-0.mol


white to light brown powder or chunks white to light brown powder or chunks

Additional Information

Product Code 10075-50-0
Min. Order Quantity 25 Kilogram
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, T/T
Delivery Time 3-4 days
Packaging Details 25 kg